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ETERNALBLUE sextortion scam puts your password where your name should be – Naked Security spoofing photos sex passwords

The most common ones are email spoofing, including a password, and (Note: Gmail and some other services pre-fetch images to avoid this.

It claims to have compromising images of the recipient and goes on to ask for And, as this scam shows, even an old password that doesn't work anywhere still . scammers have used, they've actually spoofed my own email once. .. since I don't do my own stunts or sex scenes, or movies for that matter.

Here's a sextortion scam that puts your password right where your to know something about your sex life or sexuality that you'd probably.

Spoofing is a type of Internet scam in which someone or something pretends to and spoofed URL—for the purpose of harvesting your username and password. . facial models built from your pictures on social media can already be used to used to create fake news videos and fake sex tapes, featuring the voices and.

Phishing” scam uses old passwords from data breaches to extort relatively small amounts of money. We are motivated by hunger, fear, greed, money and sex," said Eldon Sprickerhoff, founder of This is called "spoofing." My hacker was There will be laughter when I send these photos to your contacts!