Why You're So Horny When You're Hungover - great sex hung over


Hangover Sex - Lazy Sex Positions great sex hung over

I'm in the first third of that bracket and generally have sex twice a week, good story about coming up and its effect on heightened arousal.

As I write this, I am wildly hungover. Nausea percolates deep in my throat, my head feels like a giant hand pried it open, scooped out my brain.

You have probably come across the urban term “horny hangover”. You may be craving good sex- More often than not drunk sex is not great.

But good luck seducing your girlfriend when you look like the Living Dead. How come You've got sex on your mind—and not much else.

While many people claimed that sex was the last thing they'd ever think about while hung over, there are also plenty of tales of feeling aroused.