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22 Industry Insiders And Pornstars Tell The Behind-The-Scenes Secrets Porn that a lot of new actresses have raunchy smelling vaginas and don't realize it or don't care. .. Personally I find it lacks professionalism and common decency.

Pornstar interviews with adult actors answering some very nosy . Yes, I have worked with some performers whose personal hygiene was a bit.

like personal hygiene, STD tests, and their chosen form(s) of contraception. If a female pornstar got pregnant because of her performance, what would the. › What-are-the-preparations-and-hygiene-for-anal-.

Originally Answered: What are the preparations and hygiene for anal sex? A lot of pornstars swear by enemas for a 'deeper' clean. .. I personally love it, along with angling us as foreplay - always be sure it's clean back there before you.