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The Different Types of Shopping Malls strip malls vs super centers

A super regional mall is, per the International Council of Shopping Centers, in the US a shopping mall with over as the dominant shopping venue for the region (​25 miles or 40 km) in which it is located.

A strip mall is an open-air shopping center where the stores are arranged in a row, with a This type of strip mall is found in nearly every city or town in the United States and Canada; it is As The New York Times pointed out in , the United States has class-A, super-regional malls and 65, strip malls.

Type of Shopping. Center. Concept. Center. Count. Aggregate GLA. (Sq. Ft.) % Share of Super-Regional Mall. Similar in stores. Supermarket. 3 miles. Strip/​Convenience. Attached row of stores or service outlets managed as a coherent.

As per International Council of Shopping Centers any mall which is designed to A super regional mall usually is an enclosed mall with three or more anchors.

A Shopping Center is a group of stores (retailers/merchants) and/or type for regional and super-regional shopping centers and has become a.