- how to stain ipg strip


how to stain ipg strip

Here is a protocol for staining the IPG strips: 1. Transfer the IPG strips to a clean and dry piece of blotting filter paper with the GEL SIDE FACING UP. 2.

25 µA per strip. Power was limited at W per strip. Temperature was 20° ± °​C. Staining of IPG strips. IPG strips were removed during the time course and.

However, when I use IPG strips (pH), do IEF overnight and run the gels, no spots appear. The colored MW markers run normally in the gel, I can see them.

Take one strip and stain with coomassie blue R the first dimension gel or transferring from the IPG strip to the SDS-PAGE gel in the second dimension.

Spot patterns are cleaner, sharper, and more reproducible when less protein is loaded into the IPG strip and a more sensitive stain is used.