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Nifty is like the queer Literotica of the internet. Also created in the early '90s, Nifty hosts sex stories primarily under the lesbian, gay, bisexual.

gokutsuma.info asked lesbians and sex experts (and yes, ourselves) for the best porn sites that will actually turn on gay women (and not just horny dudes who want to watch girls gently flick each other's nipples).​ Pink Label TV is hands down my favorite Netflix-esque porn site.

Some say there's nothing sexier than a woman's body. So it's even hotter when there's TWO women making love, getting it on, or just making.

Find the best free lesbian story sites that offer lesbian erotica, short stories, Romance - Lesbian romantic stories are written like romance novels in short story​.

Where can you find the best porn for lesbians and actual queer women? like PornHub and even more mainstream lesbian porn sites.