World of Warcraft Won't Allow 'Gay Boys' Guild of LGBTQ+ Players - gay guild warcraft


gay guild warcraft

Ars Technica received word on Thursday that the "GAY BOYS" guild within the recent World of WarCraft Classic fork had its name changed late.

The ‘Gay Boys’ World of WarCraft Classic guild reportedly had its name changed after anti-LGBT+ trolls complained.​ The ‘Gay Boys’ guild was renamed late Wednesday night to the randomly-assigned ‘Guild ZFXPK’, Ars Technica reported.​ Ahmil Jilani, a member of ‘Gay Boys’, said.

After a supposedly “thorough investigation,” the game developer behind World of Warcraft removed the name of the guild (a group of players).

Game developer Blizzard is coming under fire again for forcing a queer-friendly guild in the game World of Warcraft to change its name.

Guild summary for the Alliance guild 'Gay' on Moon Guard - US.