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of mode of delivery on infant neurologic outcomes in myelomeningocele. vaginal delivery or a trial of labor, likely attributable to selection bias. to motor function from delivery by cesarean section or avoidance of labor.

Records were reviewed retrospectively on 72 infants with open spina bifida followed from Thirty-two infants were born by cesarean section and 40 vaginally.

Incomplete closure of the spine is referred to as spina bifida, or a neural tube defect. However, a C-section may be needed for an obstetrical reason, such as for a baby with A vaginal delivery is recommended whenever it is a safe option.

INTRODUCTION: To evaluate immediate neonatal outcomes of pregnancies affected by spina bifida by attempted vaginal delivery vs. cesarean.

health to patients with spina bifida (SB), pediatric urolo- gists have taken . vaginal, or cesarean) within each group was calculated. Operative.