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In CPR, rescue breathing may also follow chest compressions if a person's heart is not beating. Know the steps. In adults, call first and begin CPR.

Place your ear above the victim's mouth and nose. Watch for signs of breathing. Gasping is not breathing. If the victim isn't breathing, start Rescue Breathing.

the airway using the head-tilt/ chin-lift maneuver and begin rescue breathing. Adult, every 5 to 6 seconds, 10 to 12 breaths per minute, each breath should.

BLS Rescue Breathing Adult or Child Algorithm. The first step in performing mouth-to-mouth on an older child or adult is to determine if the victim may have had.

Rescue Breathing for an Adult, Child, or Baby. Perform a scene survey. Determine unresponsiveness, then open Airway. 2. 1. If using a BVM, give two. 1-​second.