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Learn French in Quebec City with Edu-inter - Adults programs french immersion quebec adults

Come to learn French with École Québec Monde right in the heart of Quebec City​. Our French courses in Quebec City will allow you to learn French and discover our great capital at the same time. A enjoyable French ADULTS ONLY.

French Programs for Adults. A true French immersion experience! Study and learn French in the cradle of French-Canadian culture. By combining our French​.

Edu-inter | Learn French in Quebec City: French immersion programs for adults and teenagers. Academic programs, summer, winter and year-round French.

We are a top French immersion school renowned for the quality of the Programs for adults are offered all year long: Intensive French, Super-Intensive French.

This was the start of a week-long French immersion experience I had with a a village two-and-a-half hours down the St. Lawrence from Quebec City. way to learn a language is indeed the best, for adults as well as kids.